Internet Service

IRNS uses the newest airFiber technology to bring broadband speeds to rural communities and business.  

IRNS state of the art software allows us to monitor your internet connections at all times. It will notify our technicians if any problem occurs with your internet. Most time's before you even notice a problem.

IRNS Internet allows you to streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and many more. These services stream flawlessly with our airFiber internet. No more waiting on your favorite Tv show to buffer.

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Network Security Service


IRNS utilizies some of today's best best software and hardware. IRNS can monitor, detect, and patch vulnerabilities on your networks and servers.

IRNS researches and stays on top of network infrastructure, networking hardware, and software vulnerabilities.


IRNS finds and fixes these vulnerabilities before hackers, malware, and viruses has a chance to infiltrate your network.  

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